LITERAL Titanfall Trailer

by Tobuscus & Toby Turner

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THE TITANFALL TRAILER (full gameplay cinematic trailer) gets the LITERAL treatment in this explosion-filled, robotpocalypse of awesomeness. I wish I didn't have to use words to describe the LITERAL Titanfall Trailer... actually I wish I didn't even have to sing it. It just should've been me making explosion sounds with my mouth because that's all I want this description to be. MYEEEEEOOWN, PWOOOSH, ohnogetoutoftheway!!!! RATTLERATTLERATTLE nooooooooooo! PFFFFFFFFFFFGHGHGHGHHTTTTT!


Everything is on fire.
Only one to survive
thinks his time's best spent
putting rocks on his dead friend.

'Cause he can't do this alone,
so he waits for respawn,
but it's taking too long...
was he kicked off by mom?

Perhaps it's an ominous sign,
two full moons in the sky.
We're all gonna die.

Mama plane is joined by baby plane.
Dragonflies jeopardized by fiery rain.
Shot from spaceships sent to exerminate...
accidentally blew up everything.

Nighttime: Spaceships get their beauty sleep.
Missile-dodging Parkour's probably illegal.
Run from the Blue Jetpack Police

Kneel to his tiny master.
Stand, it seems the tables have turned.
That pilot doesn't deserve...
that Titan should be returned.

That running guy is changing colors!
Round the corner, to a dead end wall...

Kneel before your tiny master,
when he slides under you then
put him in your chest.
Doors close to darkness.

Titan turning to the right.
"Wassup girl?"
Crashed the flight.
Hope everyone is alright!

Jump out the plane to join the fight,
then shoot at everything in sight.
A Titan gets a welcome party,
he gets gifts from everybody!

His friends all came, he's so excited!
Who's this guy? He's not invited!
"It's me Jennifer! OHMYGOH"
Anti-Titan Missile, Antsy Titan Pilots.
Turn right, zipline.
Shoot a back.
Turn a head around.
Turn, shoot a round.
Stab your gun for fun.
Climb up a Titan.

Shoot his weak spot.
Run. Wall-Run. Jump!
And one more Titan is done.

Cut to black for a beat.
Pilot slowly rising
for the delivery of a half-dozen murderous robots.
(Keep the receipt)

It's cloak-shield, not God mode!
You're screwed!

When a Titan boots up, its pilot sees:


released March 18, 2014
Tobuscus INC
Toby Turner



all rights reserved